Young Plasma

Our goal at the Atlantis Anti-Aging Institute is to provide treatment with the most up to date, "cutting edge" type of treatments. There are many unproven and unsafe "new" treatments in the medical field so we try to choose ones where there is sufficient evidence of effectiveness and a well known safety profile. This means using pre-existing treatments that are known to be safe in a different way or for a different indication.

Plasma is blood without the red and white blood cells. It contains all of the healing and growth factors that are known to be more plentiful in younger people. We all know that younger people heal faster and are much less prone to neoplastic and degenerative processes. Why not simply infuse the plasma of young donors to rejuvenate your body?

Initial animal studies actually sutured the circultion of a young mouse and an old mouse together. The researchers found that the old mouse improved and the young mouse deteriorated. Subsequent studies showed that injecting the plasma produced similar effects. When examined microscopically, the tissues of the old mouse injected with the "young plasma" showed rejuvination on a cellular level in all tissues examined. Improvements in these brain and neural tissues as well as reports from human patients with dementia treated with young plasma have raised excitement about a possible treatment for Alzheimer's as well as a potent anti-aging treatment.

Dr. Chipman participated in the "Ambrosia trial" that transfused "young plasma" into patients showing improvements in biomarkers. Patients receiving young plasma tranfusions often report a feeling of increased energy and mental clarity. Atlantis Clinic is one of only a handfull of places in the world offering young plasma treatments. The plasma we use comes from a blood bank and is fully tested and certified. We transfuse the plasma over 2-4 hours with a simple IV. All of our donors are 16-25 years of age.


"Young Plasma" treatments are being used "off-label" and must be considered "experimental". Plasma has been used safely for decades in every hospital in the world for many other ailments. Per FDA guidelines, we cannot make ANY claims of efficacy of these treatments.

"Young Plasma" Treatment Plans

The frequency and timing of treatments is individualized. Many patients come every 3 months for 7 units of young plasma. Some patients with dementia are treated monthly and take Rapamycin as well (which we can prescribe). If you are interested in a free telephone consultation about these treatments with Dr. Chipman, call the clinic and he will contact you. We need to know your blood type so we can order the correct plasma and we'll need a copy of a lab report to verify.

  • 1 Treatment of 7 units : $8000

  • 4 Treatment Package of 7 units each : $27,000

  • 1 Treatment "a la carte" : $1000 + $1000/unit

For more info, see the "Young Plasma" website :

Anti-Aging Medications and Supplements

Dr. Chipman is constantly researching medications and supplements that may prolong and improve your life. Metformin, a diabetic drug shows promise for being very safe and beneficial. Rapamycin is also being looked at as a life extension treatment. Using it once a week reduces side effects without reducing effectiveness. Dr. Chipman can prescribe these and other anti-aging medications if you wish.